Long Distance Bus Travel – 6 Practical Tips For the Backpacker

Travel by bus can be one of the most economical and convenient ways to travel. If you are lucky you can see some beautiful scenery and meet interesting people. Following the below tips will help you have a nice bus trip:1. A good way to save a night accommodations is to take a long distance train or bus during the night. Use earplugs and eye shades if you plan on getting any sleep.2. Wait for a cute guy/girl to show up to check in at the airport or to buy the bus ticket and the stand in line behind that person. If you are lucky you will get the seat next to them 🙂 But realistically we will gladly settle for someone who does not smell, has their body fat pouring into our seat or drools while sleeping…3. Find out which side of the bus the sun will be and try to get a seat on the opposite side. The worst seats are:* In the front:- you can see how terrible the driving is
– the driver may be allowed to smoke even on a non smoking bus
– the seats may have less leg room* Next to the toilets (usually in the back)* The last row (may not recline fully)4. Bring along a sweater even if it is warm outside, the air con can make things very cold.5. Even though the bus company may claim that there is air conditioning and heating these often turn out to be broken in some countries, prepare for the worst.6. When traveling by bus you enter cities which sometimes do not have a clear city sign. If you want to know where you are you can try to find out by looking at the bottom of the signs for various shops, they sometimes have the city name written there.

Travel Insurance World Backpacker Travel Insurance Is the Best Protection for Adventure Seekers

Backpacking in a foreign land is no longer a safe as it can be. To have a peace of mind while traveling is hard to find nowadays. However, getting insurance changes the way people backpack. It gives the peace of mind while doing an adventure somewhere in the world. Although, people should not be deceived from commercials offering affordable insurance. If planning to travel in any part of the world, it is better to have a dependable insurance to protect and have a safe travel like World Backpacker Travel Insurance.Whenever leaving the home country, backpackers getting out of the protection of their home country and; putting their lives in the hands of an uncharted government where laws and culture are totally different and sometimes taboo. World Backpacker gives access to legal counseling when needed, to face a law suit and keeping out of foreign prison. By simply adding Travel Insurance World as part of the booking, it immediately covers the cost of the travel package if requires a backpacker to cancel his travel. Their insurance includes hospitalization that protects the traveler from illnesses when get sickbed overseas. They offers policy with full insurance and great special features for backpackers must know before leaving.Sometimes the rush of packing and meeting travel deadlines makes us forget to get an insurance to protect ourselves, or sometimes we simply neglect it for the reason it is just a waste of money. Only a number of travel agents inform their clients about insurance policies when making travel packages. This is to make their travel package less expensive compare to agencies, which offer travel insurance. However, bear in mind that not because these agencies did not include this insurance it does not mean it is not needed. So the next time booking for a backpacking tour, make sure to include World Backpacker Travel Insurance. It is your one stop protection for all your needs.

Top Tips on Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpacking is something that we have all thought about doing and some do. It gives you the chance to experience the world and see it in a way we can’t during all the hustle and bustle of the real world. However, this world isn’t as angelic as it looks so having backpacker insurance is a recommendation to anyone who is considering the journey. The UK and EU have some of the best backpacking destinations so while you are exploring them make sure you are covered in case anything happens along the way. Whether you are on a tight budget or not there is affordable coverage out there.Firstly, you need to decide if you want to get single trip insurance. This is perfect for people who go when they can and usually as a type of vacation. Annual insurance will keep you insured within a 12 months period and is recommended to consider if you undertake several trips a year. You also need to consider getting a plan that will cover your personal documentation like passports, IDs, etc. These plans also tend to cover personal possessions and money too which is definitely something you need. Sometimes you can lose your money or even worse, have it taken from you. Backpacking has some definite dangers so being covered is always the safe choice.Medical emergencies should always be a part for your backpacking insurance because the UK and EU are beautiful places but they can have some pretty rough terrain. While you hope your trip will go as planned you never really know. Weather can also affect your backpacking plans and sometimes will result in postponing your dream adventure. That is why it is always good to make sure the cancellation cover which is a part of your travel insurance policy is reasonable enough. Cancellation can lead to postponed flights which in turn will affect your planned routine and raising fees so it is a necessity to insure these types of risk, as well.Cheap backpackers travel insurance is everywhere for travellers and explorers. Some policies even include a comprehensive insurance with most adventure sports insured for free. So search around to find the policy that will cover the risks your journey may include.